COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Update: School Closed Until April 15
Posted on 03/06/2020

Updated 4/1/20

This message is to update families on the latest decision by the Governor to cancel Spring Break. As we discussed yesterday, our food distribution will continue as planned next week. Our next distribution date will be on 07-APR-2020, and more information will be coming about that distribution by the end of this week. 

Our dedicated teachers will be communicating with you in the coming days via phone, email, and/or Google Classroom some additional activities and assignments to do for next week. Teachers will continue to hold office hours and check in with students as they have done over the last several weeks.

During this closure, the District has been preparing for a longer closure should the Governor extend the current closure beyond 15-APR-2020. The primary focus of this preparation has centered around expanding our continuity of learning plan. Teachers have been hard at work preparing for this possibility including identifying and planning for the essential learnings in each grade level and course that need to be taught before the end of the school year. Additional professional development is being offered to teachers this week in support of our expanding continuity of learning plan. Our other primary focus of this preparation for an extended school closure has been around our food distribution plan. 

The District Leadership Team has also identified important traditions at each level and in each building that might be missed this year if the closure is expanded, and we are working creatively to still digitally "host" some of these important events and milestones that shape our culture and #LionPride. However, this work is secondary to our plans to continue food and learning if the break is extended. As hard as this is, some traditions may take a hiatus this year, and that only means we will appreciate them that much more during the following school year. 

When the President of the United States indicated that all social distancing measures should remain in place until 30-APR-2020, many of you asked if school was now closed until that time. The answer is "no".  At this time, the NYS Governor is the only that has the authority to extend the closure of NYS schools. At this time, we are still operating under the last extension date by the Governor which is 15-APR-2020. 

We are aware that there are rumors on some social media sites indicating that school will remain open into the summer. At this time, these rumors are false. We have received no guidance, no indications, and no funding from local, regional, state, or federal sources that lead us to believe that this is something that will happen. 

If you have any questions, please call 607.844.5361 x. Take care of yourselves. Take care of each other.

Updated 3/31/20

1. We are aware that NYS through the Governor's Office has canceled Spring Break. Yesterday, the Superintendents from the component Districts in TST BOCES including myself had a phone conference to discuss this issue as well as its many implications for students and families, the District's bargaining units, and the rules associated with the Governor's 180 Day Waiver in the context of this new decision. As we move forward, we are working to be thoughtful, keep solutions to complicated problems simple, and ensure that the solution while not perfect is "good enough" for this quickly changing situation. Unfortunately, as I indicated in previous messages, we are learning things when you learn them and sometimes we cannot not keep pace with the media cycle. Please know we are not "asleep at the wheel". When we have an opportunity to speak to the bargaining units impacted by this decision, we will be in touch about how we are handling Spring Break. 

2. The District made a decision early on in the initial closure to provide food through the Spring Break. Our next food distribution will be April 7, 2020. We will send another message with more details about this distribution later this week. 

3. If you are an essential worker that needs child care, please call the Childcare Development Council at 273.0259, call 2-1-1 or speak to your employer.

If you have any questions, please call 607.844.5361 x.1

Updated 3/27/20

Per the NYS Governor: All NYS Schools are closed through 15-APR-2020.

Updated 3/16/20

Due to the State of Emergency in Tompkins County, the Public Health Department has recommended the closure of all schools in Tompkins County. All Tompkins County schools will be closed from midnight 14-MAR-2020-midnight 13-APR-2020. 


Updated  3/19/20

District Staff:

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